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Having the right tools to do the job will save you time, money and unnecessary headaches. The Precision 2.0Li works on any surface: concrete, tile, vinyl, or fiberglass. Simply attach the Precision 2.0Li to any standard telescopic pool pole, turn the unit on, and you are ready to vacuum Its lightweight, no fuss design is free from hoses, external pumps and electrical cords. The durable design and powerful suction makes the Water Tech Precision 2.0Li the perfect companion for any Pool Service professional.


Perfect for overall pool vacuuming including: steps, swim outs, benches, spillover spas, negative edge troughs, tanning ledges and fountains.



  • Cordless, rechargeable commercial pool and spa vacuum, safe for any surface: concrete, tile, vinyl, or fiberglass
  • Easy, push button ON/OFF switch
  • Two powerful lithium batteries with up to 1 hour run time each
  • Includes a convenient car charger to keep batteries charging throughout your commercial pool cleaning service route
  • Three high volume discharge values drain water quickly and efficiently
  • Fully Rechargeable in 4 hours
  • Includes (1) Gunite Vacuum Head, (1) Vinyl / Fiberglass Vacuum Head, Three Reusable Filter Bags, (1) X-Treme Multi Layer Filter Bag, (1) All Purpose Filter Bag, and (1) Sand & Silt Filter Bag

Includes a 1 year manufacturer's warranty.

Water Tech Precision 2.0 Li Cordless Commercial Cleaner

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