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The proprietary manufacturing process used for this Carbon Fiber pole warrants it as the strongest pole in the industry. Fully extended with heavy weight on the end this pole still has virtually no bend. This pole is ideal for anyone who uses heavy vac systems, or is looking for a stronger AND lighter pole than the industry standards. A pole made for the dedicated service professional who is willing to pay for the best.

Skimlite takes pride in manufacturing high end service and commercial poles that will hold up to everyday use and can be depended on in even the most demanding applications. We understand that when it comes to cleaning a pool a pole is one of the most important tools for any professional.  Not only is a pole one of the most important tools, but we also understand the importance of a dependable pole that fits individual and specific needs. 

  • Color - Black
  • 3 Piece Pole
  • Extends from 6' to 17'
  • Lever Lock
  • Strongest Light Weight Carbon Fiber

CARBONLITE Series 6' to 17' Tele Pole with Lever Lock

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