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CX500RE: Diameter 7" Height 19 7/16"

CX750RE: Diameter 7" inches Height 29 7/16"

CX900RE: Diameter 9 1/16" Height 17 3/8"

CX1200RE: Diameter 8 15/16" Height 23 3/16"

CX580XRE: Diameter 7" Height 19 7/16"


CX2020RE (Expert Line Replacement Filter Element)


Hayward cartridges are designed to meet NSF’s high quality performance and durability standards with Hayward filters. Only Hayward replacement filter cartridges will provide maximum hydraulic efficiency, exceptional first pass debris removal and extended durability with Hayward Cartridge filters.


  • Specifically designed for maximum performance of Hayward Cartridge Filters
  • NSF certification requires the use of genuine Hayward replacement cartridges
  • Precision engineered, molded and extruded cores provide maximum hydraulic efficiency and overall structural stability

Hayward Replacement Cartridge Filter

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